The Arts

The Fine Arts program at The Winston School provides students numerous opportunities for pursuing their artistic and performing talents. It is our desire to open students’ eyes to the possibilities, while acknowledging their talents and celebrating their gifts.

Winston’s art program gives students in kindergarten through grade 12 the chance to develop their individual talents by offering classes in visual art, music, and theatre while learning about artists, design principles, and art culture.

The Winston Art Academy

The Winston Art Academy is a rigorous visual arts program built on the foundation of artistic expression, passion and a desire to create.

Students maintain and expand upon their appreciation for the arts and commitment to learning and growth in the arts. This advanced arts program allows students to personalize their artistic experience through research on a wide variety of content that explores visual culture. Each student has the opportunity to develop a personalized series in order to communicate their sentiments on art and theory while exhibiting their talents and artistic vision.

Arts Classes

2D Arts Classes
  • Drawing
  • Painting
3D Arts Classes
  • Intro to 3D Art
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
Digital Arts Classes
  • Photography
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Design
  • Advanced Media
Music Classes
  • Choir
  • Band
Theater Classes
  • Drama
  • Tech Theater

One of the things that I love most about the Fine Art department at Winston is the passion each student has for learning and growing in the arts! It’s incredibly refreshing to see this kind of appreciation in such young artists and I wholeheartedly have been enjoying watching the creative process here!

Dr. Valerie Gillespie

Director of Performing & Visual Arts