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College Admission Testing

In Private Services


The Winston School is approved to offer accommodated testing for our students and those in the greater community who can furnish the required documentation to qualify for accommodations on the SAT and/or ACT.

Accommodations We Provide:

  • Multi-day testing
  • Extended time
  • MP3 audio reader
  • Scribe
  • Breaks as needed
  • Assistive technology


Once a student is approved for Accommodations by College Board or ACT TAA Testing, families should contact the Director of College Counseling no later than 2 weeks from testing to reserve a time and date that best fits with the student's availability.

  • There is no additional cost for students to request or be approved for testing accommodations.
  • Families should always indicate special testing when registering for a testing date.
  • Students at the Winston School receive guidance and support through the accommodation request process and the required documentation to submit to CollegeBoard or ACT.
  • If a student is not a Winston student, the accommodation request is best handled by the student's own school via learning support services, etc. Winston will still be able to provide testing services to students from any school once they receive accommodation approval.

Meet the Director of Student Affairs & College Admissions

Families or school learning specialists should contact the Director of College Counseling via email or by calling (214) 265-4155 for further information regarding availability and support.