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Testing & Evaluation

In Private Services

We offer a comprehensive battery of psychoeducational tests to determine strengths and weaknesses that contribute to learning difficulties.

Evaluation Services

Our Educational Diagnosticians use standardized diagnostic tests to help determine the presence and intensity of learning disorders. Academics, intelligence, language, and executive functioning are combined with background information, parent and teacher rating scales, and observations to develop individualized recommendations to support each client’s unique learning profile. 

Academic ability
Intellectual/cognitive processes
Executive functioning
Attention and concentration

The Psychoeducational Test Battery is a comprehensive evaluation of school-aged children which assesses intellectual and cognitive abilities and academic levels in the areas of reading, writing, math, and language. The evaluation includes:

  • Parent input via surveys, questionnaires, and verbal input
  • Teacher input via surveys and questionnaires, when possible
  • Standardized assessment in the areas of intelligence, academic achievement, and executive functioning
  • An interpretive conference, held approximately three weeks later
  • A written professional report inclusive of diagnostic identifications, if applicable
  • Recommendations based on evaluation results
  • Guidance in planning for appropriate educational placement for your child.

  • Testing takes approximately 5-6 hours and is typically completed in one day, but may be more effective split into two half-day sessions for some students.
  • The cost for the Full Psychoeducational Test Battery is $1,800.


Call 214-691.6950 to learn about testing services.

*The Center provides testing for both Winston students and private clients in the greater community.

Meet the Testing & Evaluation Team

Our team is committed to conducting comprehensive assessments that go beyond simply reporting test scores. Instead, our goal is to get to know each child as thoroughly as possible and to produce a report that fully explores the child's learning challenges and strengths. This helps us point a clear path toward effective interventions and strategies in the classroom and beyond.

To learn more, please call 214.691.6950


Every child is different and will present their challenges in different ways. With this being said, there are some common indicators that may signal your child is struggling with a learning difference. Please note the list below is not intended to be exhaustive. If you suspect your child is in need of evaluative services, please give us a call to discuss further.

  • A child has exhibited an area of struggle or particular strength for a period of time (not just on one unit or assignment in school or with one particular teacher)
  • Academic progress is inconsistent across subjects and/or time
  • The child’s teacher has expressed concern regarding his/her progress
  • The individual has trouble sustaining attention and/or following instructions
  • Group standardized test scores are low in a particular area or across subjects
  • The individual frequently complains about some aspect of school
  • The individual seems confused by letters and numbers
  • Report card grades are poor (i.e., some Ds and Fs)
  • The individual struggles to retain information just presented, such as spelling words or math facts
  • Each day's lesson needs to be re-taught to complete homework
  • The child does not seem to be benefiting as would be expected from participation in regular classroom instruction
  • Homework is a battle
  • There are persistent behavior problems at home or at school
  • The child is sad, withdrawn, anxious, lacks self-confidence, has poor self-esteem, etc.
  • The child has trouble “fitting in” socially in multiple settings
  • The child has trouble mastering basic academic foundational skills, such as reading or writing
  • The child becomes very anxious about and/or refuses to go to school
  • You’ve tried everything you can think of and are not sure what to try next
  • It has been three years since the individual’s last psychoeducational evaluation or less if there has been some significant change

Not only can it provide a diagnosis, but a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation can also help determine the nature and the extent of many learning-related difficulties your child may be experiencing.

  • It can guide and inform instructional and behavioral strategies used to ease the struggle that these differences may be causing, both at school and at home.
  • This evaluation can also be used to obtain accommodations in the classroom.

Extended Psychoeducational Test Battery - 7-10 hours, completed in one to two days
Psychoeducational Test Battery - 5-6 hours, completed in one day with two sessions or two half-day sessions

Full Psychoeducational Test Battery - $1,800

*There is an additional consultation/conference fee of $150 per hour for anything beyond what is described for each battery, which may include, additional feedback conference, participation in school meetings, classroom observations, or further testing and/or documentation/correspondence.

**A $300 non-refundable testing deposit is due when your appointment is made. The remaining balance is paid on the appointment date. We accept checks, Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover.


Reports are typically turned around within three weeks of the evaluation.

We do not file with insurance, but we will provide the necessary paperwork should you wish to file on your own.