picture of paint tubes to represent visual arts

Visual Art

At The Winston School, an education in the arts starts in kindergarten. Students with learning differences are often extraordinarily creative, out of the box thinkers. Winston’s art program gives students a chance to learn about themselves while learning about artists, design principles, and art culture. Our students, from kindergarten through 12th grade win awards and contests, receive great praise from professional artists, and can stand confident in the creations and imagination that they display through their art.

Teaching art makes me happy. My favorite aspect of the Arts in Winston is that there is much support and consideration for autonomy in teaching in the arts, and I feel that Winston understands the importance that arts education brings to this world!

Mary Frei

LS/MS 2D & 3D Art/Visual Arts Faculty

Live Stream Graduation

The Winston School's graduation is tonight, Thursday, May 26 at 7:00pm. Those who are unable to attend in-person may watch the ceremony via livestream here. Congrats class of 2022!

School Closure Information:

The Winston School will be closed on Friday, February 25. Parent/Teacher conferences will now be held virtually and will be communicated by your child's teacher.

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