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Debi Sass, PhD, CALT
Director of Winston Language Lab

Take Flight

A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia from Scottish Rite for Children

Take Flight is a curriculum written by the staff of the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders at Scottish Rite for Children. It is specifically designed to be used by dyslexia therapists who work with children 7 years and older who have been diagnosed with developmental dyslexia.

The focus of this comprehensive program is to help these students achieve and maintain better word recognition, reading fluency, reading comprehension and aid in the transition from a therapy setting to ‘real world’ learning.

Take Flight for Winston Students

Winston Students with a dyslexia diagnosis will be able to participate in Take Flight during the school day. This instruction is incorporated into tuition. 

Take Flight for Non-Winston Students

Take Flight is a program that is offered to the greater community for students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia. This program is offered during the summer and after school during the schoolyear. There is a charge associated with these programs which is dependent on your level of participation. Please fill out the form below for more information.



Who should be in Take Flight?

Take Flight is designed specifically for individuals who have a language-based learning difference (dyslexia), the 10–15% of the population who may be unable to remember two-dimensional symbols, letters, or words easily. These individuals require intervention that utilizes special methods and materials.

How does Take Flight work?

Take Flight is a comprehensive, ungraded, structured and sequential curriculum that utilizes multisensory techniques for basic instruction in reading, writing and spelling.

Who developed the Take Flight program?

Take Flight is based on the pioneering research of Dr. Samuel T. Orton, a neuropsychiatrist, and the educational and psychological insights of Anna Gillingham.  The Orton-Gillingham techniques for teaching children lacking a talent for language became the basis of a pilot from 1965–1975 at the Language Laboratory at Scottish Rite for Children in Dallas, Texas.  An interdisciplinary team worked to incorporate multisensory techniques, current findings in learning theories, and discovery teaching into the Take Flight curriculum.

Take Flight Program – Available to the Greater Community!

Available for homeschool students or after school for those enrolled in other schools.

Participants in the program will be able to begin or continue their Take Flight intervention according to where they are in the program. Those interested in learning more or reserving their spot in the program, should fill out the form below. Once we receive your information, we’ll be in contact.

Please Note: Submission of this form does not commit you to the Take Flight program. 

Take Flight Interest Form

Has your student been enrolled in Take Flight before?

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