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Application Process

Dear Prospective Winston Parent,

Thank you for your interest in joining The Winston School community.  We are excited to have you join us for the upcoming academic year and look forward to partnering with you in your child’s academic success!

At The Winston School, students gain the learning skills and self-reliance to succeed in college and throughout life. Serving children in grades K-12, Winston challenges its students to achieve in an environment that not only supports but also celebrates their individuality and creativity.

Following are the steps to enroll your child at The Winston School.

Step 1

Submit Psychological / Psycho-Educational Testing – Please Note: Testing must have been completed in the last three years.
Testing should include standardized Cognitive/IQ and Achievement/Academic testing; as well as, Social-Emotional-Behavioral information:

  • Standardized Cognitive IQ/Examples: Wechsler Intelligence Scales (WPPSI-IV, WISC-V or WAIS-IV), Woodcock-Johnson – Fourth Edition: Tests of Cognitive Ability (WJ-IV COG), or Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children – Second Edition (KABC-II)
  • Standardized Achievement/Academic Examples: Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Fourth Edition (WIAT-4), Woodcock-Johnson – Fourth Edition: Tests of Achievement (WJ-IV ACH), Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement – Third Edition (KTEA-3).
  • Social-Emotional-Behavioral Information Examples: Classroom Observations, Information from Parent(s) and Teacher(s), Standardized  Rating Scales (i.e. BASC-3, CONNERS-3, CONNERS CBRS, MACI-II, BRIEF-3, CEFI, BROWN EF/A, etc.)
  • Equivalent Public School Records: Documents from the public school that would provide sufficient information include both a student’s most recent Admission Review Dismissal (ARD) or Individualized Education Program (IEP), AND Full Individual Evaluation (FIE).
    • Please note, only students who have been evaluated for special education in a public or charter school will have these documents.

If your child has never been tested, or testing is outdated (older than three years), The Winston School – Testing & Evaluation Center is able to provide testing services to individuals ages 3 through adult. Please visit our Testing & Evaluation Center’s website for additional information.

Step 2

Complete a Tour
This tour is intended for the parent(s) and student-applicant, if appropriate, to see our campus and get a feel for our community.

Step 3

Submit completed Online Application and pay the application fee of $195. Please do not submit an application until we have evaluated your child’s testing and have determined that The Winston School can adequately support your child.

To begin the Online Application process you must first Create an Account. Then, log into your account and click the “Create a New Student Application” button. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account, save what you’ve done, and continue editing until you submit the application. After submitting the application, you will be able to log into your account to:

  • Track online your admission status
  • Print the completed application
  • Monitor receipt of supplemental application materials and
  • Print additional supplemental forms if necessary

Step 4

Submit School Evaluations & Transcript:

Please download, print, and sign each evaluation form linked below, then forward to the appropriate school personnel. Include an envelope addressed to:

The Winston School
Admissions Office
5707 Royal Lane
Dallas, Texas  75229

Current Principal/Head of School Evaluation Form
Current English Teacher Evaluation Form
Current Math Teacher Evaluation Form

Photocopies of previous year’s report cards (Kindergarten – Eighth Grade)

Transcript/School Records Release Form to current school (Ninth – Twelfth Grade)

Step 5

Final Step of the application process.

  • School years applicants (August – April): conduct a 3-day visit
  • Summer applicants (May – July): conduct a student and family interview with Division Head

**An Admission decision will be made within a week after the final step is completed**

Admission Coffee & Conversation

Interested in learning more about how The Winston School can help your student thrive in an environment made for students with learning differences? Join us for an Admission Coffee & Conversation where you will receive an overview of the school, a guided tour, and have an opportunity to get your questions answered. We're offering several coffees throughout the fall and winter. We hope to see you on campus soon!