After-School Care Program


The Winston after-school care program is provided to all Winston students in grades K-8 Monday through Friday. All K-8 students are welcome to stay for aftercare as needed. 

For the safety of both the student and the school, any student who has not been picked up by an authorized adult by 3:30 p.m. (Lower School) or 3:45 p.m. (Middle School) will automatically be placed in aftercare until picked up by an authorized adult. This includes students who have stayed for after-school tutoring, club meetings, etc.

Aftercare operates daily until 6 p.m. After 6 p.m., overtime charges go into effect for any and all students still in aftercare. Overtime is billed at $1/minute ($60/hour). Please make every attempt to pick your child up before 6 p.m. to avoid these charges. Please see below for our fee schedule.

All general rules regarding student behavior at The Winston School remain in full effect during aftercare.


Due to the widely varying number of students staying for aftercare on any given day, programming is of necessity very flexible. In the event that a student has absolutely no homework to work on during this time, they may read silently. It is recommended that all students who stay for aftercare have a book for free reading.

The schedule of daily activities:

3:15- 3:30                   Check in and wash hands

3:30- 4:00                   Snack time

4:00- 4:30                   Homework/reading time

4:30- 5:00                   Outside play time

5:00- 6:00                   Center time

Note: Aftercare is NOT a tutoring service, however, the teachers on duty will be available to assist with homework questions as needed.

A snack will be provided to all aftercare students daily. Your child is welcome to bring an additional healthy snack, individually portioned, for its own personal consumption only. Snacks are not to be shared among other students.

Please contact aftercare staff directly using the cell phone number posted on the door to Levy Learning Center (469-990-7617). If there are ever technical difficulties with this number, an alternative phone number will be posted on the door immediately. Please DO NOT contact your child directly by cell or text message when you arrive. Dismissal must come from a member of aftercare staff. This is for your child’s safety.

A member of the aftercare staff will ask you to initial the dismissal time on the provided sign-out sheet and will accompany your child to the car. This serves as both a written record of dismissal time and a verification of the individual who picked the student up.

Any student grades K-8 may stay for aftercare. The services follow two pay rates:

  • Scheduled student (Friday before the upcoming week) cost is a flat daily rate of $35. Schedule by email to aftercare@winston-school.org
  • Unscheduled/drop-in student cost is $16 an hour (billed in 15-minute increments)

Each billing cycle runs approximately four school weeks, and invoices are sent from the school business office to the address listed for financial responsibility for each student approximately one week later. If you need these invoices sent to a different address or individual, please let the business office know.

Payment for aftercare services is handled separately from tuition, and CANNOT be made through SMART Tuition. You are asked to remit payment to the school business office by check or credit card within 30 days of receipt. Please DO NOT send payment directly to your child’s teacher or to the aftercare coordinator. In the unlikely event that a student account goes more than 60 days past due without payment, that student will not be allowed to attend aftercare until their financial obligations have been cleared. Once any outstanding financial commitments have been resolved with the school business office, the student will be allowed back at aftercare at the discretion of the Business Manager and the Head of School.

Please bear in mind that if a student is left on-campus without supervision after regular school hours, the responsibility for their safety and well-being resides with the parent, NOT The Winston School.

Please email Deborah Thompson, Director of the Winston Aftercare Program, what days your student will be attending the after-school program.

Deborah Thompson
(469) 990-7617

For financial matters please email Mario Porro, Business Manager (mario_porro@winston-school.org).