Two students used to represent Upper School.

Upper School

9th – 12th Grade

The Winston Upper School’s goal is to prepare your child for college. Our staff creates an environment which encourages students to understand, accept, and succeed in the challenge of becoming prepared for life after Winston. We understand that learning different students need to have many options available in the classroom in order to truly synthesize the academic material and apply it in their lives on a daily basis. Our goal is for our students to become lifelong learners and be passionate about expanding their learning environments through arts, athletics, and creativity.

We stand on these core values:
  • Continual development and growth in the use of critical thinking skills
  • Developing a strong work ethic
  • Cultivating a sense of personal responsibility
  • Developing a sense of service and pride within the school community and the surrounding community
  • Fostering creativity as a fundamental life skill
  • Practicing mutual respect, support, honesty, and trust