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Administrative Team


Rebbie Evans

Head of School
B.S., Texas Woman’s University
M.Ed., Texas Woman’s University


Dr. Michelle Spoonemore

Assistant Head of School

B.S., Texas Tech University
M.Ed., University of Houston
PhD, Texas Tech University

William Hastings

Director of Information Technology


Will Jennings

Director of Student Affairs &
College Admission
B.A., Sewanee: The University of the South
M.A., Columbia University

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Raquel McKinney

Brooke Mayer

Director of Marketing
B.A., Sewanee: The University of the South



Mario Porro

Business Manager & Director of Facilities
B.S., St. John Fisher College


Shannon Roberts

Director of Development
B.A., Baylor University

Justin Saunders

Athletic Director Lower, Middle &
Upper School PE
B.S., University of South Florida
M.S., Ohio University


Lane Worrall

Director of Innovation &
Education Technology
B.A., Davidson College
M.A., Rutgers New Brunswick


Dr. Deborah Sass

Director of Reading Lab &
Curriculum Development
B.S., Kansas State University
M.S., Fort Hays State University
Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

Faculty & Staff


Chelsea Adams

Lower School Faculty
B.A., Southern Methodist University
M.S., University of Texas at Arlington


Jessica Boardman

Lower School Faculty
B.S. Dallas Baptist University  


Jessica Brice

Lower School Faculty


Caroline Bossalini

Lower, Middle & Upper School Music



Juan Cabrera



Chris Carlos

Upper School Theater Arts
Associate in Theater Arts, Lon Morris


Jennifer Chavez

Science Department Chair,
Middle School Science
B.S., Eckerd College

Constance D. Condie

Lower School Faculty,
B.S., Texas Woman’s University
M.S., Texas Woman’s University

Anthony Cornell

Social Studies Department Chair,
Upper School History, Math
B.A. University of Dallas
M.A. University of Dallas


Patty DiFilippo

Testing & Evaluation Diagnostician
B.S., Texas Christian University
M.Ed., East Texas State University


Aaron Dios

Upper School Math & Science
B.S., Auburn University


Jose Escamilla



Genie Frasier

Lower School Faculty
B.S., Abilene Christian University
M.Ed., Texas Woman’s University

Mary Frei

Lower and Middle School Art
B.S., Harding University
M.S., University of Texas at Dallas

Emmanuel Gillespie

Upper School 3D Art
B.F.A., University of North Texas
M.A., Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania

Dr. Valerie Gillespie

Director of Visual & Performing Arts,
Upper School Art
B.A., Randolph Macon Women’s College
M.A., New York University
Ed. D. University of New England


Danny Hurley

Upper School Photography,
Upper School Art

Mauro Lares

Maintenance Supervisor


Nicholas LaVecchia

Upper School History, Drama & Digital Arts
B.S., University of Florida at Gainesville

Donna LaVecchia

Upper School English
B.A., University of Texas at Dallas

Susan Nipper

Testing & Evaluation Diagnostician
B.A., Vanderbilt University
M.A., Vanderbilt University


Allyson Oglesby

School Nurse
B.S., University of Texas Arlington


Charlene Olson

Upper School Science, Solar Academy
B.S., Texas Woman’s University
M.Ed., University of Texas at Dallas


Elkin Rivero

 Middle & Upper School
Spanish & Japanese,
Foreign Language Department Chair
B.A., University of Jose Maria Vargas
M.Ed., University of North Texas


Brendan F. Rooney

Middle School Language Arts
B.A., University of Louisiana
M.Ed., Endicott College

Austin Shrader

Lower, Middle, and Upper School Band
B.M., University of Texas at Tyler


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Mariam Taila

Executive Assistant to the Head of School


Ross Thompson

Middle School History
B.A., Duke University


Rebecca Ware

Middle School Math
B.A., Oklahoma State University
M.Ed., University of North Texas


Liora Wolder

Lower, Middle & Upper School P.E.


Asmeret Yohannes

Business Office Assistant
B.A., University of Asmara