Trumpet used to illustrate Performing Arts

Performing Arts


The Music program at The Winston School provides students numerous opportunities for pursuing their artistic and performing talents. The program provides various levels of vocal, instrumental music and performance opportunities to all students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Theater Arts

Theater at The Winston School seeks to provide not only an exploration of classic ideas in acting theory and performance, but also teaches valuable life skills and a serious exploration of executive functioning skills through an ensemble focused approach. Theater requires students to develop empathy and understanding, effective communication techniques, teamwork, time management, and independent decision making.

Through our program students are able to realize talents in performance and leadership that are unique to Theater Arts. Our main goal is to bring out the confidence and creativity that is within each student.

“I love working with our really, really, really talented students! It is a joy to come into work each day and work with students whom have a passion for the Arts and love to learn.”

Nick Lavecchia

US Digital Arts & Theater