Head of School Welcome

Head of School Welcome

Welcome to Winston!

As the head of The Winston School, I have the distinct pleasure to share with you some of the amazing attributes that make Winston a wonderful school for students who learn differently.  When you first walk onto the Winston campus learning is palpable.  From the first steps into the Winston community, you will be embraced by students who are full of talent and a desire to discover how they learn and who they are. The staff will greet you with an energy that is contagious, as they share what makes Winston a truly unique community and why they have chosen to work at Winston. To be a part of Winston is an opportunity that is life changing for students, families and our staff.

As you walk the campus, you will see examples of student work and student art throughout our buildings. As you view their work, you will see that our students are safe to express their creativity and develop skills that compliment the traditional academic programs at the school and you will know that students are actively participating in their learning.

Winston Science is an amazing program that allows students to value their science projects and teach other students how to grow and learn at our Winston Science Fair, where we welcome over 900 schools to participate. This year we are expecting more than 18,000 exhibits from several states to share in the Winston Science experience.  The Winston Solar program has developed over the past twenty years into a program that not only teaches students about physics, chemistry and teamwork but also about self-esteem and personal responsibility to your community, school and fellow students.

Our testing center works with not only with our students and families but also continually trains our staff about each student in our school.  The center has developed a learning profile for each student that is updated regularly.  The learning profiles enable the teachers to understand strengths and areas of growth in order to work with each student in a manner that best serves his/her individual needs.

Our athletic department believes that we should offer as many athletic opportunities as possible. It is not uncommon for a group of Winston students to approach the athletic director with a new team sport idea that is welcomed and pursued.

In order to truly experience the “Winston Way”, I welcome you to call our admissions department for a tour and an experience that will amaze you.

Looking Forward,
Rebbie J. Evans
The Pamela K. Murfin Head of School

Rebbie J. Evans
The Pamela K. Murfin
Head of School