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  • Fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and vendors
  • Creative menus including authentic Asian dishes, Latin American cuisine, and vegetarian and vegan fare
  • Educational Seasonings programs that explore the culinary history of food

SAGE Standards

Our chefs and dieticians have tailored a menu for your community that proudly upholds SAGE's culinary standards such as using fresh fruits and vegetables; offering house-made dressings; offering a variety of whole grain breads, bagels and rolls; roasting deli meats in-house; cooking with
trans fat-free oils and MSG-free seasonings; serving antibiotic-free and hormone-free milk; and sourcing antibiotic-free chicken. Go to for a complete list of our standards.

A Leader in Allergen and Awareness Education

SAGE provides national expertise on allergy accommodations and ADA compliance. All SAGE team members are extensively trained in food allergy awareness. Parents are welcome to schedule times to visit our kitchen and ask about inventories and preparation methods. Our innovative online allergen filter and comprehensive ingredient list allow you to plan ahead every day.

Accessible Nutrition Information

The SAGE Spotlight Program® ensures all menus have variety, balance, and moderation. Green-dot foods are recommended for at least half a plate, yellow-dot foods for one-fourth to one-half a plate, and red-dot foods in smaller portions or less often. Visit

Visit our web site:          Access your school lunch menu:

Food Service Director

Vinny Tellini is the Food Service Director at the Winston School. Vinny has had a passion for cooking ever since he was a child helping his mom in the kitchen for Sunday brunch. Born and raised in Dallas, he is the youngest of seven with five sisters and one brother. Coming from an Italian family, food was second nature to him which helped shape him into the chef he is today.

Vinny attended culinary school at El Centro College, and began his career with Sage Dining in November, 2012 as head chef at Ursuline Academy. He is excited to share his passion for food and culinary expertise with the Winston Community.

"On days I am not working, I enjoy taking my daughter Presley to the park and spending time with family and friends," says Vinny.

His favorite meal to cook is Pesto Alfredo bowtie pasta with bacon and shrimp. Always a crowd pleaser!


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