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Middle School at The Winson School:

At Winston, your child will learn problem-solving and study skills in a structured classroom setting. We encourage active learning through work on individual, oral, and written assignments, individual and group projects, and interdisciplinary exploration. All of this is designed to help your child develop academic discipline and classroom cooperation. 

A sense of community is a vital part of our Middle School program. That starts with communication between all members of our educational community, including you and your child. This flow of ideas and information provides a means for putting our beliefs to work. We value the development of networks of communication — advisor groups, art performances, athletics, and class activities all promote a feeling of belonging. Cooperative work also will develop an understanding of the need for patience and the worth of effort in your child.

Organized into grade-level teams, the Middle School teachers meet often to coordinate the program and develop child-specific needs. Our passion is to prepare your child to be an independent learner, while discovering his or her talents in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. 

Middle School Student Government: Building a sense of leadership and community 7th and 8th grade students 'run for office' - one of eight positions - representing their constituents (their peers) each year. These are positions elected by and for the peers they represent. Mentored by a Middle School teacher (2015-2016 is Ms. James, Computer Science), students hold fund-raisers, communicate with each grade group, bring issues to the entire school population, and meet weekly to discuss issues brought to them, plan parties or field trips, and execute activities for all Middle School students.

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