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Elementary School

In our elementary grades, K-6, we offer a comprehensive program. Our teachers are very caring, dedicated, and committed to providing the best instruction to their students. They use a variety of learning modalities to ensure that concepts are communicated and students are engaged in the learning process. Learning can be fun and Winston teachers bring the joy back to learning through cross curricular activities and project based learning.

We offer 6 different reading labs to customize reading education to your child's unique learning needs. The Elementary School faculty work closely with Ms. Evans and our Testing and Evaluation Center to make sure that your child is in the best reading lab to meet their needs. In each of these reading labs, the teachers are trained to help each student become a fluid experienced reader.

In fifth and sixth grades our students experience a different way to learn math through the use of a software based curriculum called Reasoning Mind. Reasoning Mind is a research based curriculum that has been proven to enable students to develop strong math skills, repairing gaps in their math foundation, allowing them to be very successful middle school math students. Additionally, our second through fourth grade students use Reasoning Mind as an extension of their core math program.

To learn more about how The Winston School can help your child be successful in school. please contact our Admissions Department or fill out an online inquiry.

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