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The Winston School is incorporated as a nonprofit institution according to the laws of the State of Texas and is under the direction of a Board of Trustees. It is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest, approved by the Texas Education Agency, and a member of the National Association of Independent Schools.

Grading System

Grades are reported three times per semester for a total of six times per year.  Intermediate progress/grades are reported for all students.  Report cards will also reflect student attendance.  Semester grades are reported on a student’s permanent transcript.

Mandatory student and parent conferences with advisors/teachers are scheduled twice per school year and are noted on the school calendar.   In addition, parent conferences and communication with faculty are both encouraged and may be arranged at any time by a parent, teacher or a principal.  A parent can schedule a conference by calling the school office or by contacting the teacher directly via phone or e-mail.

An Upper School student whose semester grade in any core subject is below 70 must make up this credit (or approved equivalent) before graduating. A minimum grade of 70 is also required for the successful completion of all summer semester courses.

Policy for Concurrent Enrollment/Dual Credit 

The Winston School offers dual credit courses taught on TWS campus by our own teachers.  Students taking these courses are dually enrolled in both the community college and TWS.  As these are college courses, students must apply for admission and be accepted into a community college in order to enroll in a dual credit course.  Students are responsible for complying with all the community college guidelines related to admission, deadlines, etc.  Students requesting concurrent enrollment at a community college campus (including dual credit courses taught at TWS must obtain a permission form from the Assistant Head of School in order to enroll at a community college.  It is the policy of The Winston School that the seniors complete the school requirements and senior project obligations and are active and engaged members of our community in order to meet all requirements for graduation.  In some circumstances a junior is allowed to take college level courses at a community college.

The Winston School does not prorate or take any deductions from the full tuition and fee schedule that is the published rate for the current school year.







Sample Accommodations for:

  • Working Memory
    • Keep oral directions short
    • Have students repeat or rephrase directions
    • Provide visual aids
  • ADHD/Executive Functioning
    • Long-term assignments are broken into manageable parts
    • Frequent physical breaks
    • Structured learning environment with consistency from all teachers and staff
    • Use of earphones to block out noises and/or distracting movements
    • Use of frequent and specific praise
  • Reading/Dyslexia
    • Provide a copy of teacher notes or information
    • Oral administration of tests
    • Allow the use of audio books
    • Use a multisensory approach to teach reading
    • Monitor comprehension frequently by interacting with the student and asking questions
  • Written Expression/Dysgraphia
    • Break the writing process down into specific teachable steps
    • Take exams on computer
    • Use of technology for writing assignments (e.g. computer. electronic tablet, dictation system)
    • Do not penalize for spelling
  • Math/Dyscalculia
    • Use manipulatives to teach concepts
    • Provide experiences with practical math applications
    • Allow the use of fact charts, calculators when necessary
    • Emphasize automaticity with math facts
    • Provide math-related instruction in developmental sequence
  • Processing Speed
    • Allow the student extended time on tests
    • Provide extra time for processing
    • Provide a copy of class notes
    • Reduce the amount of copying
Summer Hours