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The Winston School Core Values​
Celebrating Differences...Character...Community...Courage...Creativity

The Winston School is a small college preparatory school designed to maximize the potential of bright students who learn differently.® Through individualized learning strategies, our students are empowered to meet confidently the challenges of tomorrow.

The philosophy of The Winston School is truly reflected in the School’s mission statement. The environment and curriculum of The Winston School are designed for bright students who learn differently®. Learning disabilities are unique to the individual and may be manifested in various academic areas; each person deserves the opportunity to learn in the manner appropriate for their own distinctive style. Through Winston’s Testing and Evaluation Center, students are assessed and teachers are provided with the learning profiles, training, and resources needed to respond to the needs of the students. As cornerstones of the philosophy, the Winston community believes

  • Learning requires self-discipline
  • Learning requires the active participation and support of the student and family
  • Learning focuses on long-term goals
  • Learning is enhanced by understanding one’s particular strengths and weaknesses in the learning process
  • Learning requires the continual development of technical skills needed for reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Learning is the process of continual elaboration on the student’s knowledge base
  • Learning requires courage and tenacity
  • Learning strengthens self-esteem

The Winston community, which includes the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, is dedicated to developing a student’s strengths to aid in conquering weaknesses, seeks to instill confidence, and helps each student strive to reach their full potential. A variety of assessment processes and teaching methods are utilized to assist students in satisfying their unique cognitive needs. Students develop an understanding of their intellectual strengths and challenges in a safe and inclusive environment which offers programs to meet their academic needs, along with strategies and techniques for success in school, in college, and in life.

Essential to the Winston educational experience are its co-curricular programs in visual and performing arts, athletics, community service, student government, Winston Science, and solar science. These programs are structured to foster the individuality, leadership potential, and creativity of each Winston student.

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